XCOM 2 Tips – How to Improve Your Strategy Game

If you are not a fan of strategy games, you should try XCOM 2. Strategy games are great because the strategy that you use will affect the outcome of the battle. This is what you need to know when playing this game. One of the tips that you can use to get better at this game is this one:

Do not collect as many upgrades as you can, the high score will depend on how well you maximize your enemies’ abilities. This is a popular strategy in the strategy genre. It is important to learn how you can use these abilities effectively to take out enemies. You can do this by giving them cards that they have no way of getting around.

The aliens have a limited number of actions per turn so using a strategy like this will allow you to conserve your resources. You will only have to use these powers when your opponents use theirs or when you need to roll for another action. When you save up for your actions, you will be able to keep attacking and applying this strategy to take out enemies.

In order to improve your strategy and improve your high score, you can give cards to aliens that are less effective on the battlefield. A good example is to give aliens that are vulnerable to heat attacks. Doing this will make them easily dispatched.

This strategy is also great for increasing your health bar. When you get a better health bar, you can use your shields more effectively. Shields allow you to remain active in combat and do damage to enemies without taking damage.

Another strategy game tip is to keep an eye on the enemies’ actions. This allows you to choose which ones you want to kill. Having to guess which one’s the enemy is going to do can be frustrating but it is important to know the right time to attack.

Using the map and having an overview of the battlefield is another good tip. You should know where the enemy is located so you can avoid fighting him when he is in the middle of moving. You should also try to use this knowledge when you are on the map because the enemy may be fighting you for positions.


It is important to know that a strategy game is not necessarily one that is based on luck. This does not mean that you should spend all of your turns trying to give the aliens the best cards possible. These tips can help you survive the battles that you might find yourself in.