Starcraft Strategy Guide

A Strategy Game is a computer game that tries to model human strategy. One of the major distinctions between a Strategy Game and an RTS (Real Time Strategy) is that a Strategy Game allows you to make your own decisions while in a RTS, you are still controlled by the computer and the design of the levels themselves are typically limited. So it would seem that the true draw of strategy games is their ability to offer a simulated experience of real life, but that has not always been the case.

The original Warcraft (a.k.a. “the first-person game”) was the first Warcraft strategy game. And, I suppose one could argue that it actually did offer a simulation of real life (though it was often called a sim and as I said, it didn’t feel like a real game. That is probably the biggest difference between the strategy game and RTS’s).

Indeed, when I say strategy game I am thinking in terms of abstract, far removed from the real world. I’m also talking about strategy where the outcomes and the possible consequences of a decision are based solely on the player’s skill. Games like Starcraft are strategies with no foreknowledge or reference to the real world whatsoever.

Warcraft II introduced the concept of building in the strategy game. Instead of building a castle, build a structure and then use that structure to control what happens in the level. One of the most interesting things about this is that when the levels change and another castle is built, the old structure comes down and the new one rises up, giving you a nice variation on what Warcraft had before. This is why Starcraft players are constantly trying to create structures and then force them to come down or else they are broken or destroyed.


Blizzard has made a great move in introducing RTS into the strategy game. A lot of the problem with Warcraft is that it is hard to get involved in the game, and often too hard. You have to play everything at the beginning to level ten and then you have to play to level thirty. It’s a very limiting game in many ways, especially in leveling up, but they’ve done a good job of making the game more accessible and less frustrating.

In terms of difficulty, one of the big differences between Warcraft and StarCraft is that it takes a lot more time to level up in Warcraft. It is much easier to level up and to keep doing it because you don’t have to do all that much.

In a strategy game, there is always something to be done. In a strategy game, there are always battles to fight in. Starcraft has a huge cast of characters to choose from, each of which has their own skills, strengths, weaknesses, and everything else that make up a character in a game of Starcraft.

Starcraft may be one of the hardest strategy games out there, but it doesn’t mean it is without its challenges. While the graphics aren’t the greatest I’ve ever seen, I’ve yet to see a game that has some of the amazing graphics, amazing sound effects, and other details to match those of Starcraft.